Scheduling a distribution task [Web console]

When you have created a distribution package and delivery method, you can schedule the package to be deployed to devices you manage. You can schedule items for one-time delivery or schedule a recurring task

Before you can schedule tasks for a device, it must have the Standard Ivanti agent and be in the inventory database. Ivanti Server configurations are an exception. You can distribute to a server that doesn't have the standard management agent.

To schedule a distribution task
  1. In the Web console toolbox, click Distribution > Distribution.
  2. Find the package in the distribution package groups.
  3. Select the package and click the Schedule button on the toolbar.
  4. Configure the task by setting options on the five pages of the dialog box.
  5. When you have finished, click Save.

For details about individual options in the Scheduled task properties dialog box, see Scheduling tasks [Web console].

NOTE: When you click the Schedule button, a task is created. It has no targeted devices, and it is unscheduled. If you cancel this Scheduled task procedure, be aware that the task will still appear in the Task list.