Starting the Web console

To start the Web console
  1. From a networked computer, open a Web browser.
  2. In the Address field at the top of the browser, enter a URL that points to the core server, followed by /remote (in the format http://<webservername>/remote).
  3. If a login dialog appears, enter your Windows username and password for the core you're connecting to and click OK.
  4. Once you authenticate, links in the left navigation pane appear for the tasks you have rights to perform, such as creating queries, remote controlling clients, deploying software, and viewing reports.


  • If the device list and buttons do not appear when you start the console, you may need to activate the core server.
  • If you don't know the URL to the Web console pages, contact the person who installed the Web console, most likely the network administrator for your site.
  • If you can't see some of the left navigation pane links, your network administrator is most likely using Ivanti® Endpoint Manager role-based administration or feature-level security option that limits you to performing certain tasks that you have the rights to do.