Setting alerting thresholds for hardware items [Web console]

Some items in the Hardware list represent data from sensors in the device, such as temperature sensors. If a managed device contains components with supported sensors, you can change the sensor readings that will trigger an alert. For example, a CPU temperature sensor can have lower and upper temperature readings that trigger warning and critical alerts. Thresholds are generally based on manufacturer's recommended settings, but you can change the upper and lower settings using the Thresholds dialog box.

  1. In the real-time inventory console, click System information.
  2. Expand the Hardware folder and drill down to find the hardware element you want (such as Cooling > Temperatures).
  3. In the list of sensors, double-click the sensor you want to set thresholds for.
  4. Type values in the lower and/or upper threshold text boxes, or drag the sliders on the trackbar to the left or right to change the values.
  5. Click Update to save your changes.
  6. To return to the original values for the specified threshold, click Restore defaults.

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