Agent settings: Mobile Android Configuration

Tools > Configuration > Agent Settings > Mobility > Mobile Android configuration

Use the configuration profile editor to create new configuration profiles or edit existing ones. For more information about the configuration profile editor, see Configuration Profile Editor.

Viewing applied policies

You can view which policies have been applied to an Android Enterprise device from the management console or from the device itself.

To view which policies have been applied to a device from the management console, double-click the device in the inventory panel, then click LANDESK Management > Agent settings.

To view which policies have been applied to a device from the device, navigate to the badged Play Store then tap Menu > My work apps > Installed > Android Device Policy > Open.

Settings for Android Enterprise devices:


General: Set mandatory settings for all configuration profiles.

Certificates: Import certificates for Wi-Fi settings.


Device Settings: Set general device settings, including device time-out, location detection, and proxy settings.

Device Restrictions: Set device restrictions, including functionality like camera or microphone access, user management, app installation, and network configuration.

Passcode Policies: Set passcode requirements that can apply to the device or the work profile.

Default Permissions: Configure default runtime permissions for Android Enterprise applications. Use this setting to set a global default policy, or default policies for specific permissions.

Kiosk Mode: Kiosk mode locks fully managed devices to a single app or set of apps. To put a device into kiosk mode, enroll it as a fully managed device then use this configuration to select which app or apps to lock the device to. For information about setting up kiosk devices, see Kiosk mode for Android Enterprise.

Wi-Fi: Configure how devices connect to your wireless network, including authentication information.