Agent settings: Custom variables to override

Tools > Configuration > Agent Settings > Custom variables to override

Use the Custom variables override settings dialog box to create exceptions to custom variable settings. Some system configuration security threat definitions have variable settings that you can change before including them in a security scan. Typically, antivirus definitions also have custom variable settings.

With custom variables you can fine-tune security threat scanning by modifying one or more setting's values so that the scanner checks for conditions you define, and therefore determines a device to be vulnerable only if that condition is met (i.e., the value you specify is detected). Custom variables are a global settings, so when you scan for a security definition that includes a custom variable it will always be determined to be vulnerable if that custom variable condition is met.

IMPORTANT: Edit Custom Variables right required
In order to edit custom variable settings, and configure custom variable override settings, a Ivanti user must have the Edit Custom Variables role-based administration right. Rights are configured with the Users tool.