Agent settings: Exchange/Office 365

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The Mobile Exchange/Office 365 dialog box allows you to configure the mail server settings for iOS and Android for Work devices. After a device connects for the first time, it applies these settings and the user can access his mail account.

IMPORTANT: For users with Android for Work, they'll need to install Gmail or Divide Productivity to receive these settings.

The Mobile Exchange/Office 365 dialog box contains the following options:

Use email address from company Active Directory to log in: Uses the email address listed for the user in Active Directory to log in to the email account from the user's device. This email address replaces both the username and email address for that device’s Exchange profile. This option is only available if you have configured a connection to the Active Directory server. (To configure the Active Directory server information, go to the Network View, right-click the Directory node, and click Manage Directory.)

For companies using Microsoft Office 365 that want Active Directory to use your existing email addresses, set up your Office 365 account for Active Directory synchronization.

If you already have Active Directory set up with email addresses, this is the recommended option for synchronizing email accounts to devices.

Hosted company domain: Generates an email address from the username and the value of this field if you are using an external mail server, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Gmail. This email address replaces both the username and email address for that device's Exchange profile. All usernames must be imported into the external mail server, such as Office 365, for this to work. For example, if a user is listed in Active Directory as jdoe, and receives a payload where this value is, the mail app attempts to log in to the mailbox using the email address:

[email protected]

This option is only available if you have Ivanti Mobility Manager and it is configured with the Active Directory information.

Account name: The name of the account on the phone. This should only be configured if you are creating agent settings for an individual user.

Server address: The domain name or address of the server.

Past days of mail to sync: The number of days' worth of mail to sync to the device.

Use SSL: Uses an encrypted SSL connection to send mail to the Exchange server.

Allow user to move messages from this account: Allows user to move messages to a different account on the device, or reply to or forward messages using a different mail account. This is only available for iOS devices.

Allow recent addresses to be synced using iCloud: Allows recently used addresses to be synced with other devices using iCloud. This is only available for iOS devices.

Only allow this account to send mail from the Mail app: Only allows messages to be sent from the Mail application, not from other phone applications such as Photos or Safari. This is only available for iOS devices.

Android for Work Considerations

If you perform a selective wipe or a selective wipe and delete on an Android for Work device, these settings will still remain on the device. You must perform a factory reset to fully remove them.

When removing these settings from an Android for Work device, this email account will not be removed in the Gmail app. Device owners must delete the app.