Agent settings: Remote secure erase

Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > HP Remote secure erase

Use this dialog box to create HP remote secure erase settings profiles.

  • Name: The name you want to give this setting.
  • Reprovision the device with the selected package: Click the drop-down list box to see a list of HP RSE keys that have been generated on the core.
  • Remove the package and reset the device to factory defaults: When selected and this setting is applied to a device, it removes HP RSE data from the BIOS.
  • Launch: Displays the HP Remote Secure Erase Package Manager dialog box. This option is only available on consoles running on the core server.

About the HP Remote Secure Erase package manager dialog box

Use this dialog box (Configure > HP Remote Secure Erase Package Manager) to create, import, and export remote secure erase packages. You can only launch this dialog box on the core server.

  • Company name: Can be any string. This gets flashed into the BIOS. Must be 20 or fewer single byte or double byte characters.
  • Package name: This name appears in dropdown lists and menus. Make this more descriptive. Must be 20 or fewer single byte or double byte characters.
  • Create: After you've entered a company and package name, click Create to generate the keys and HP RSE BIOS image. This makes the new key available for export. Back up exported keys as soon as possible.
  • Import an HP remote secure erase provisioning package created on another core server: Shows any keys that you've manually copied to the RSE keys folder (C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys\Rse) that haven't been imported yet. Select each key that you want to import and click Import. This adds the selected key to the database and removes it from the list.
  • Import: If there are secure erase packages from another core server that you've manually copied to this core server, they appear in this list. Importing them removes them from the list and adds them to the RSE database. The folder containing generated packages and keys must be copied to this folder on the core server: C:\Program Files\LANDesk\Shared Files\Keys\Rse.
  • Select the package to export: Shows the list of HPRSE keys that this core server knows about. Select the key you want to export from this list.
  • Export: Exports a first-time HP remote secure erase provisioning package that you select. The list shows RSE keys in the RSE database. A dialog box appears that lets you select a location for the exported files. The exported files constitute the provisioning package (hprse.desc, rse.bin, and LDProvisionSecureErase.exe). Copy the exported files to the root of a FAT or FAT32 USB drive that you can use for provisioning/reprovisioning.