Agent settings: HP software policies

Tools > Configuration > Agent Settings > HP > HP software policies

Use this dialog box to configure HP Power Assistant settings that can then be deployed to your managed HP devices.

IMPORTANT: New Inventory scan required for settings changes to appear in the Inventory
Any changes you make on this dialog and deploy to a target HP device will not be reflected in the device's inventory until after the next Inventory scan.

This dialog box contains the following options:

  • Name: Identifies the policy settings with a unique name.
  • Schedule event:
    • Event name: Identifies a particular event in the HP Power Assistant policy. You can add one or more events in order to build a customized power policy.
    • Action: Specifies the action this event will perform (Hibernate, Sleep, On).
    • Profile name: Specifies the default HP power profile (Power Saver, Balanced, HP Optimized, High Performance) for the event you're defining.
    • Day: Indicates which day(s) this event will be activated on target devices.
    • Time: Indicates the time of day when this event will be initiated on target devices.
    • Add: Saves the event in the list box. You can add as many events as you like when configuring a power policy.
    • Update: Saves your changes after you click the pencil icon and make changes to an event.
  • Save: Saves the policy and closes the dialog.
  • Cancel: Closes the dialog without saving.

For step-by-step instructions on configuring HP Software Policy settings that can be deployed to target devices, see Create and deploy HP Software Policy settings to HP devices.