Agent settings: Mobile Compliance

Tools > Configuration > Agent settings > Mobility > Mobile Compliance

The Mobile Compliance dialog box allows you to configure compliance settings that regulate jailbreaking and rooting of devices, version control, and geofencing.

Compliance page

Enable compliance settings: Enables all compliance settings.

Rules List: Lists all compliance rules applied. To create a new rule, click Add. To access the Rule Settings page, select a rule and click Edit.

Rule Settings window

Jailbreak/Rooted: Restricts devices with jailbroken or rooted operating systems.

Version Control: Restrict device OS versions.

Platform: Sets the required operating system.

Version: Sets the required operating system version.

Latitude: The latitude of the location you wish to restrict devices to.

Longitude: The latitude of the location you wish to restrict devices to.

Radius (meters): Sets the radius a device may travel within the specified latitude and longitude. By default, this is set to 10.

Minimum device accuracy (meters): Sets the accuracy of detecting a device's location. By default, this is set to 10.

Mobile Action: Sets the desired behavior when a restricted device violates a compliance setting. You can force a device to lock, perform a selective wipe, or perform a full factory reset.

Email: Specifies an administrator email address that violation alerts will be sent to.

Quarantine of email: If the device is out of compliance, users cannot send or receive emails.

Email Config page

These are the settings to use for sending emails to users when a device is out of compliance with a rule setting.

SMTP Server: The SMTP server address.

Account: The administrator's user account name.

Port: The port of the SMTP server.

Password: The password for the administrator's user account.

Use SSL: Forces the email connection to use SSL settings when connecting.