Customizing notification messages on managed devices

As Endpoint Manager does work on managed devices, various notification messages can appear during software distribution, remote control, and for pending reboots. There are two types of notifications, legacy and Windows 10/11 Action Center. Endpoint Manager 2020.1 SU1 supports reboot Action Center notifications, and 2020.1. SU2 supports software distribution, inventory, and remote control Action Center notifications.

The Action Center notifications are disabled by default, so if you want to use them make sure you enable them by selecting Use Windows 10/11 notifications (if available).

Action Center notifications require Windows versions 1903 and newer in these environments:

  • Windows 10/11
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019

Devices that don't support Action Center notifications from Endpoint Manager use the legacy dialog box prompt.

Windows Action Center notifications require that some Windows settings are enabled on clients. In Windows, open Settings > System > Notifications. Turn on Get notifications from apps and other senders. This option is normally enabled by default. Under Notifications from apps and other senders, make sure Portal Manager is on if it's visible. The Action Center notification uses the Ivanti Portal Manager application ID.

The Windows Focus settings may also affect how notifications are shown to the end user. There are various settings, Off, Priority only and Alarms only. Depending on the focus assist settings, the reboot notifications may not show up on the desktop and will instead be placed in the notification sidebar. In this case, users need to open the notifications sidebar and interact with the reboot notifications from there.

Custom notification icon and banner

In addition to custom user prompt text, you can also customize the notification's banner/hero image and icon. We recommend .png image formats for the best results, though .jpg files are also supported. The legacy icon must be .ico format. Windows 10/11 notification icons can be .png or .jpg.

The images you use should be the sizes below. Images that aren't these sizes will be scaled to fit, which may result in image distortion or degradation.

  • Notification hero (Windows 10/11 Action Center banner): 364x180
  • Notification icon (Windows 10/11 Action Center): 48x48
  • Legacy banner: 710x80
  • Legacy icon: Must be a .ico file format
To customize and preview notifications
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Agent settings. On the Agent settings toolbar, click the Configure settings toobar icon and click Notifications and branding.
  2. If you want to allow Windows 10/11 Actions Center notifications, select Use Windows 10 notifications (if available).
  3. Click the Upload button. Select the image type you're uploading and click OK. Browse for the image you want to use and click Open.
  4. Repeat step 2 for each image you want to customize.
  5. To preview Action Center notifications, click the Preview button and click Notifier and the type you want. Older versions of Windows may not support Action Center previews.
  6. To preview legacy notifications, click the Preview button and click Legacy and the type you want.