Agent Watcher overview

Ivanti Agent Watcher is a tool that allows you to proactively monitor the status of selected Ivanti® Endpoint Manager agent services and files in order to ensure their integrity and preserve proper functioning on managed devices. Agent Watcher can be enabled and associated settings deployed with an initial device agent configuration. It can also be updated at any time without having to perform a full agent configuration.

Agent Watcher not only monitors critical services and files, but can also restart terminated services, reset services set to automatic startup, restore files that are pending delete on reboot, and report evidence of file tampering back to the core server.

Agent Watcher monitors Ivanti® Endpoint Manager agent services and files specified by a device's Agent Watcher settings.

Agent Watcher settings also determine how often to check the status of agent services and files, whether Agent Watcher remains resident on devices, and whether to check for changes to the applied settings.

By default, Agent Watcher is turned off. You can enable Agent Watcher with an agent configuration or, at a later time, with a separate Update Agent Watcher settings task. In other words, you don't have to enable Agent Watcher during a device's initial configuration. It can be done at any time directly from the console for one or more managed devices.