Create an alert ruleset

  1. In the core server console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent Settings > Alerting.
  2. Create a new alerting setting by clicking New on the toolbar.
  3. Type a Name for the ruleset and a Description.
  4. In the Rules summary list, click New on the toolbar.
  5. In the Alert rules window, click Alerts in the tree on the left side.

    A tree view of alerts is displayed, with a grid containing alerts and their descriptions. You can click the root Alerts item to view all available alerts, or click a category in the tree to view a specific group of alerts. When you select an alert with configurable parameters, the Edit toolbar button is available. Click that to configure parameters for the selected alert.

    Selecting the check box next to items adds them to the ruleset you're configuring.

  6. Expand the Actions tree and select the actions you want taken for your selected alerts.
  7. Expand the Time tree and select the time range that your selected actions can be active.
  8. Click OK, then click Save to save your changes.