Define time filters to use in alert rules

  1. In the Alert rules tree, select the alert you want to configure.
  2. In the Alert rules tree, click Time.
  3. Select an existing time and click Edit, or click New to create a new time filter.
  4. In the Filter edit dialog box, enter data in the fields (described below).
  5. Click OK.

The time filter appears in the list and is available to associate with alerts. Fields in the New filter dialog box include the following:

  • Filter name: the identifying name for the filter.
  • Schedule: select Specific time for a filter that limits the time and days when the alert is monitored. Select Anytime to monitor the alert continually.
  • From and To: select a beginning and ending time during the day when the alert is monitored.
  • On these days of the week: select the days that you want the alert monitored.