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Deploy a monitoring agent on devices

Endpoint Manager provides an immediate summary of a device's health when the Real-time inventory and monitoring agent is installed on the device. The monitoring agent is one of the agent components that can be installed on managed devices.

The Real-time inventory and monitoring agent checks the device's hardware and configuration on a regular, periodic basis and reflects any changes in the device's health status. The device's status is shown in three places:

  • The status icon in the Devices lists in the network view
  • Health status shown in the Health Dashboard (click Tools > Reporting/Monitoring > Health Dashboard)
  • Data shown in the Real-time Inventory and Monitoring dashboard for the device (right-click the device in the network view and select Real-time inventory and monitoring)

For example, a monitored device with a disk drive that is filling up can display a warning status icon when the disk is 90% full, changing to a critical status icon when the disk is 95% full. You may also receive alerts for the same disk drive status if the device has an alert ruleset that includes performance monitoring rules for a drive space alert.

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