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Edit an alert ruleset

  1. In the Alert rulesets list, select the ruleset and click Edit on the toolbar.

    The Rules summary page lists each alert in the ruleset with its associated actions and time. Each combination of an alert, action, and time is listed as a separate item on the rules summary.
  2. Click Alerts in the left column to add an alert rule to the ruleset.
  3. In the right column, click Rules > Add. Three "wells" are displayed at the bottom of the page to associate alerts, actions, and time rules. Locate an alert in the list and drag it to the Alerts well at the bottom of the page.

    Alerts are listed in two groups, Standard and Monitor. Click an item under one of those groups to view a group of associated alerts. If you click the All alerts folder, all alerts are listed alphabetically.

  4. To find a particular alert, type a search string in the Alerts filter text box at the top right of the page. All alerts containing the string you type are displayed in the list.
  5. Click Actions to associate an alert action with the alert you added. By default, every alert has a Log handler configuration action associated with it, which logs the alert at the core server. To add another action, drag it to the Actions well at the bottom of the page.

    The Standard folder contains predefined actions. To use another type of action, you need to define the action first.

  6. Click Time to specify how frequently the alert should be monitored. Drag a time rule (for example, Always) to the Time well at the bottom of the page.

    Three time rules are available by default. You can also define different time rules if needed.

  7. When you have at least one alert with associated action and time tasks, click the OK button at the bottom of the page to add the alert rule to the ruleset. Click OK again.
  8. In the right column, click the Publish button.
  9. In the left column, click Rules summary to view the updated ruleset with the new alerts.

With a list of alerts in the ruleset, you can edit each item to change the associated action and time. You can also choose which severity levels to apply to the alert and you can specify whether that alert should contribute to the device health.

Details about defining actions and time filters, and editing rule properties, are found in the following topics.

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