View a device's alert log

Use the Alert log page to view alerts sent to a managed device. The log is sorted by time (GMT) with the most recent alert at the top.

To view the alert log for a specific device
  1. Click Tools > Reporting/Monitoring > Health dashboard.
  2. In the list of devices, double-click the device.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click System information.
  4. Click Logs > Alert log.
  5. To sort entries by time, name, or state, click a column heading.
  6. To view a more detailed description of an alert, double-click the entry in the Alert name column.
  7. To list log entries by name or state, click the Filter button on the toolbar and select the filter criteria. For example, select Alert name and type a complete name (such as Performance) or a partial name with the * wildcard (such as Remote*). To search by date, select Enable date filtering, enter a range with a start date and end date. When you have added filter criteria, click Find.
  8. To clear the health status of an alert, select the alert in the Alert name column, click Acknowledge alert on the toolbar, and click OK.
  9. To delete a log entry, click the alert in the Alert name column and click Delete entry on the toolbar.

You can also view the device's alert log by clicking the Alert log button on the Rulesets page of the Real-time inventory and monitoring console.

NOTE: If the device name does not appear as a fully qualified domain name, it is because this product was unable to resolve the fully qualified domain name for the device.