Archiving and restoring auditing data

The auditing tool lets you archive and restore auditing data.

  • Archive: In archive mode , the tool saves auditing data to the file you specify. You specify the number of months of data (beginning now) to leave in the database and the filename. All data outside of that time period will be saved to the file and removed from the database.
  • Restore: In restore mode, the tool reinserts previously archived data from the file you specify into the database. The default timeout and batch size is 500 seconds and 200,000 records. Use these defaults as a baseline if you need to adjust either parameter. No auditing data will be inserted if the database insertion times out.
To archive auditing data
  1. Click Tools > Administration > Auditing.
  2. In the Auditing window toolbar, click the Archive data or Restore from archived file buttons.
  3. Enter your preferences and depending on the mode you chose, click Archive or Restore.