Creating filters for auditing event queries

The auditing event history appears inside the auditing tool (Tools > Administration > Auditing). You must have either the Auditing configuration role or the Auditor role to see this tool in the console.

You can create filters for custom auditing queries. You can choose from these auditing event filters:

  • Username: Show auditing events for the specified username.
  • Device name: Show auditing events for the specified device name.
  • Modified date: Show auditing events between the specified date range or within the last number of days specified.
  • Features: Show auditing events for the selected features. You must select Features before you can expand the Events tree.

If you select multiple filters they will be query AND options. For example, if you select a username and a feature, the results will only show devices matching both that username and that feature.

To create a custom auditing query
  1. Click Tools > Administration > Auditing.
  2. Click the Custom queries tree item.
  3. Click the New query definition toolbar button.
  4. Modify the filters you want.
  5. When you're done click Create.