Management and Security

Uninstalling device agents

Prior to Endpoint Manager 8.5, anyone could uninstall Endpoint Manager agents by running wscfg32.exe with the /u parameter. Since wscfg32.exe was in the LDLogon share, which managed devices could access, it was relatively easy for users to uninstall Endpoint Manager agents.

With Endpoint Manager 8.5 and later, the /u parameter has been removed from wscfg32.exe. There's a new utility called UninstallWinClient.exe in the LDMain share, which is the main ManagementSuite program folder. Only administrators have access to this share. This program uninstalls Endpoint Manager or Server Manager agents on any device it runs on. You can move it to any folder you want or add it to a login script. It's a Windows application that runs silently (without displaying an interface).

Running this program won't remove a device from the core database. If you redeploy agents to a device that ran this program, it will be stored in the database as a new device.

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