Create an advance agent configuration

To create an advance agent configuration
  1. Create a Windows-based agent configuration (Tools > Configuration > Agent configuration).
  2. From that configuration's shortcut menu, click Advance agent.
  3. Select the options you want.
  4. If you select Peer download, you must make sure that the advance agent .msi file and the full agent configuration .exe package are in the software distribution cache of a device in the broadcast domain. If you select Peer download and don't do this before deploying the advance agent configuration, the deployment will fail because no cache or peer in the broadcast domain has the necessary files.
  5. If you'll be relocating the associated agent configuration package (the .exe file), change the path for the agent configuration package to match the new location.
  6. Click OK.
  7. If necessary, copy the associated .exe file from the LDLogon\AdvanceAgent folder to your distribution server. Make sure the path to the agent configuration executable matches the path you specified in the Advance agent configuration dialog. You should leave the MSI package on the core server in the default location. Otherwise, the package won't be visible for the advance agent push distribution task below.
To set up an advance agent push distribution
  1. In the Agent configuration window (Tools > Configuration > Agent configuration), click the Schedule a push of an advance agent configuration button.
  2. The Advance agent configurations dialog lists the agent configurations in the LDLogon\AdvanceAgent folder. Click the configuration you want to distribute and click OK.
  3. The Scheduled tasks window opens with the advance agent task you created selected. The task name is "Advance agent <your configuration name>".
  4. Add target devices to the task by dragging them from the network view and dropping them on the task in the Scheduled tasks window.
  5. From the task's shortcut menu, click Properties and schedule the task. You can see the MSI portion distribution progress in the Scheduled tasks window. There are no status updates on the full agent configuration once the MSI distribution completes.