Create an agent configuration

Use the Agent configuration window to create and update device and server agent configurations (such as what agents are installed on devices and what network protocols the agents use).

You can create different configurations for groups' specific needs. For example, you could create configurations for the devices in your accounting department or for devices using a particular operating system.

To push a configuration to devices, you need to:

  • Create the agent configuration: Set up specific configurations for your devices. An "advance agent configuration" is usually the best choice. For more information, see the next section, Using the advance agent.
  • Schedule the agent configuration: Push the configuration to devices that have the standard Ivanti agent installed. Users with administrative rights can also install the default agent configuration by running wscfg32.exe or IPSETUP.BAT from the core server's LDLogon share.

To create an agent configuration

  1. In the console, click Tools > Configuration > Agent configuration.
  2. In the Agent configuration tree, click the configurations category you want.
  3. Click the New Windows, New Windows Server, New Macintosh, or New Linux toolbar button.
  4. Enter a Configuration name.
  5. In the Agent configuration window's Start page, select the agents you want to deploy.
  6. Use the tree to navigate the dialogs relating to the options you selected. Customize the options you selected as necessary. Click Help for more information if you have questions about a page.
  7. Click Save.
  8. If you want the configuration to be the default (the configuration ldlogon\wscfg32.exe or ldlogon\IPSETUP.BAT will install), from the configuration's shortcut menu, click Default configuration.