Viewing Client data storage

The Client data storage tool (Tools > Configuration > Client data storage) lets you view encrypted client data. Currently, this tool shows data for Windows devices with BitLocker enabled, macOS devices with FileVault enabled, and macOS/iOS/iPadOS devices with activation lock enabled via Endpoint Manager. Use this tool if you need to retrieve a device's BitLocker/FileVault recovery key or activation lock bypass codes.

For more information, see Windows BitLocker key recovery (2020.1), Enabling Mac OS X FileVault encryption, or Activation lock (Apple).

To retrieve encrypted client data
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Client data storage.
  2. In the Devices tree, double-click the device you want.
  3. In the Client data dialog box, select the Client data item matching the data you want, and click the export toolbar button.
  4. Select a location for the resulting text file.
  5. Open the text file in an editor and view the recovered key/code.

You can also retrieve recovery keys from the Network view. In the Network view, right-click the device you want, then click Security and Patch > Recover keys > BitLocker or FileVault, depending on the device type you selected.