Apply column sets to device groups and queries

Once you've created a column set, you can drag it to a devices group or subgroup, or to a specific query object in a queries group or subgroup. The device list, or query results list, displays the inventory data specified by the selected column set in the right pane of the Network View.

Note that for device lists, once a column set is applied to a group it persists even when you select different device groups. However, for query results lists, the column set must be reapplied when changing between various queries.

You can also right-click a column set to access its shortcut menu and perform common tasks, as well as view and edit its properties. The shortcut menu includes the following options:

  • Add to new group
  • Add to existing group
  • Group membership
  • Set as default
  • View as Report
  • Export as CSV
  • Copy
  • Delete
  • Rename
  • Properties
  • Info
  • Export
  • Copy to other core(s)
  • Auto sync
  • Columns

Specify the qualify option with software components

When creating column sets that include software components, you can specify a qualifier for those software components by choosing a specific primary key value. A software qualifier lets you more precisely identify the data you want a query to search for and display in that software component's column. For example, you can configure the column set to display version information for only one specific application by selecting that application's executable file name as the qualifier.

To specify a software component's qualifier, select the software component in the Columns list, click the Qualify button, select a value from the list of available primary key values, and click OK.