Configure the Network View with column sets

Column sets allow you to customize the inventory data that displays in the right pane of the Network View, for both device lists and query results lists. Each column in a column set represents a unique attribute (or component) from the scanned inventory. For example, the default column set that displays in the Network View is comprised of the Device Name, Type, and OS Name attributes.

Use the Column Set Configuration tool (Tools > Administration > Column Set Configuration) to create as many column sets as you like. Then, to apply a column set, drag the desired column set to device groups and query objects in the network view tree.

Column sets tool

The Column sets tool organizes column sets into three categories:

  • My column sets: Column sets created by the currently logged-in user.
  • Public column sets: Column sets created by an administrator, or predefined column sets.
  • All column sets (only visible to an administrator): Column sets created by all Ivanti users.

A user can copy a column set from the Public Column Sets group into their own My Column Sets group and then modify the column set properties.

You can create subgroups under the My column sets object to further organize your column sets.