Console setup wizards

Wizards are available for several areas of Ivanti® Endpoint Manager. These wizards proceed through a series of instructions as the user completes the outlined steps.

Wizards appear automatically on a new installation and can be accessed at any time from the Help menu. You can follow the steps in the wizard to learn more about the specific feature or functionality. Or you can check the Don’t show this wizard again check box to prevent the wizard from being shown automatically.

Getting started wizard

The Getting Started wizard helps you configure Ivanti® Endpoint Manager to perform the following functions:

  • Schedule tasks on your managed devices
  • Manage Intel vPro and IPMI devices
  • Remote control managed devices
  • View domain users in the Web Console

Discovering and installing agents wizard

The Discovering and Installing Agents wizard helps the user configure Ivanti® Endpoint Manager to perform the following functions:

  • Discovery: Looks for devices on the network that are unknown to the Ivanti® Endpoint Manager. IP address ranges can be specified to scan on the network.
  • Deploying an agent: Installs the Ivanti Management agent on devices to be managed.

Security updates wizard

The Download Patch Updates wizard assists the user in downloading and managing security and patch vulnerability definition files from the Ivanti content servers. The wizard helps in configuring tasks to download updates, starting the tasks, and scheduling future downloads.

Creating roles and groups wizard

The User Management wizard assists you in performing the steps necessary to manage who can access devices on the network and what tools or specific features can be used on those devices. It takes you through the process of creating a scope, a role, and a user group permission.