Toolbar options

The console includes a toolbar that provides one-click access to common network view operations and some basic console configuration options. The toolbar buttons are dimmed when an item in the Network View is selected that does not support that operation.

Console toolbar buttons

  • Cut: Removes items from the Network View and stores them temporarily on the clipboard. If you accidentally cut an item, use the paste command to restore it. You must restore the deleted item before you perform any other command.
  • Copy: Copies items from one location in the Network View to another.
  • Paste: Pastes items you've cut or copied.
  • Delete: Permanently removes the item. You can't restore items you delete from the Network View.
  • Refresh: Updates the selected group or item in the Network View. You can also collapse and expand a group to update its items. You can also click View > Refresh to update the currently selected item in the Network View.
  • Layout: Lists your saved window layouts. Select a layout from the drop-down list to restore the console to that layout configuration. If you want to save your current layout, click the Save the current layout button.
  • Core: Lists core servers you have connected to before (which makes them appear in this list). In versions prior to 2018.3, you can select a core server from the list, or type the name of a core server and press Enter. That core server is searched for on your network, and if found you're prompted to log in with a valid user name and password. If you want to change cores in version 2018.3 or later, relaunch the console and select the core you want from the login window.