Viewing device diagnostics and logs

IvantiĀ® Endpoint Manager 9.6 SP1 added a new device diagnostics and logs viewer. You can access it by right-clicking a device and clicking Diagnostics.

The Diagnostics window has the following features:

  • Individual client logs (real-time) shown in the log viewer
  • Get all client-side logs and upload to core or additional console as a zip file
  • View core-side logs
  • CSV export of devices
  • Real-time PDS ping discovery (mismatches shown in red)
  • Inventory
  • HTML5 remote control
  • Remote event viewer
  • Remote file system
  • Synchronize policies
  • Searching the web for highlighted log content or the current return code
  • Searching in any column

Viewing device logs

The integrated log viewer has the following features:

  • Integrated log viewer (allows up to 50K of log information, option to use an external editor)
  • Automatically shows failure log if available for the selected task
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Searching (max 200 matches)
  • View client local scheduler tasks (real time)
  • View client task history (real time)
  • View client inventory change history (real time)
  • Option to search the web for highlighted text
  • Auto scroll to end of the log

You can view the following client logs:

  • Agent install
  • AV (install, Ldav, Ldav_scan, and Ldav_update)
  • Current downloads
  • Gather products
  • Local scheduler
  • Policy sync
  • Proxy host
  • Service host
  • Reboot
  • Software installer (sdclient)
  • Status dialog
  • Vulnerability scanner (vulscan)

You can view the following core logs:

  • Console
  • LDAP (schedldapresolver)
  • Policy task handler
  • Provisioning
  • Queries (schedquery)
  • Vulnerability core