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Configure device monitoring alerts

If you want device monitoring to notify you when managed devices come online or go offline, you have to first configure an alert ruleset that has additional actions (such as receiving an email when the alert is sent).

To configure device monitoring alert settings
  1. Click Tools > Configuration > Alerting.
  2. In the Alerts tree, expand the Alert rulesets item.
  3. Right-click Core alert rulesets and click Edit.
  4. In the Ruleset window's Alert ruleset pane on the left, click Alerts.
  5. In the Alerts pane, under the Standard folder, click Device monitor.
  6. In the right pane, click Rules > Add.
  7. Drag the Device monitor system connectivity alert to the Alerts well at the bottom of the page.
  8. In the Ruleset window's Alert ruleset pane on the left, click Actions and drag any additional actions that you want down to the Actions well. By default the core alert log handler configuration is the action. You can choose to send an email or an SNMP trap, or run an executable on the core when the alert is received. (You need to define each action, such as specifying where to send email alerts.)
  9. In the Ruleset window's Alert ruleset pane on the left, click Time and drag Always down to the Time well.
  10. Click the OK button next to the wells.
  11. In the Actions pane on the right, click Publish.
  12. In the Alert ruleset pane on the left, click Rules summary and double-click the rule you created.
  13. In the dialog that appears, check the Health box if you want a device's health status in the console to change when it is online/offline, then click OK to close the dialog.
  14. Click Publish to publish any changes you made in the dialog and close the Ruleset window.

NOTE: When you configure alert settings, they apply to all of the devices you're monitoring.

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