Save console layouts

Layouts are saved console configurations, meaning the position and size of the Network View, the Toolbox, and all open tool windows. You can use window layouts to save and restore customized console configurations that are especially useful for certain tasks or users.

To change the layout of the console, select a saved layout from the Layout list on the main toolbar.

To save your current layout
  1. Configure the console interface the way you want it.
  2. Click the Disk button next to the Layout list on the toolbar.
  3. Enter a unique name for the layout.
  4. Click OK.

About the Manage window layouts dialog

Use this dialog to manage saved window layouts and to reset the console window to the previous layout.

  • Saved layouts: Lists all of your saved layouts.
  • Reset: Returns the console window to the previous layout.
  • Delete: Removes the selected layout.
  • Rename: Lets you change the name of the selected layout.