Binding a web server certificate

Your web server must be secured with a trusted, third-party, SSL certificate for certain Endpoint Manager features, including MDM, core to client communication, and authentication to various resources.

Once you have obtained a certificate, bind it to your web server in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. You must use a trusted, SSL certificate from a certificate authority. Self-signed certificates are not sufficient. Wild card certificates are allowed.

NOTE: When you purchase a certificate, you need to provide a CSR (certificate signing request) file to the vendor you are purchasing the certificate from. Ivanti cannot create a CSR or obtain a certificate on your behalf.

Binding a certificate to your domain

1.Ensure that a signed certificate from a certificate authority exists on the server with the corporate domain name.

2.Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

3.In the left menu, expand the menu item for your server.

4.Click Sites.

5.Right-click Default Web Site and select Bindings.

6.Double-click on the site binding for HTTPS.

7.Ensure that the port is set to 443.

8.In the SSL certificate field, select your certificate.

9.Click OK to save your configuration.