Environment Manager

Ivanti Endpoint Manager 2018.1 added Ivanti Environment Manager support. Environment Manager is an Ivanti product that is licensed and sold separately. Environment Manager provides on-demand personalization of user desktops and helps protect endpoints with fine-grained contextual policy control.

Environment Manager Personalization ensures:

  • Fast logon times.
  • A fully personalized desktop experience, regardless of location or device.
  • A secure desktop environment that adapts based on user context.

Use Environment Manager Policy to:

  • Enforce policy real-time throughout the user session, not just at login.
  • Help meet corporate and industry-based compliance mandates such as HIPAA, FINRA, and PCI.
  • Run multiple policies in parallel for the best possible user experience.

If you want to see a video summarizing the Environment Manager configuration process, click the link below.

Using Environment Manager with Endpoint Manager (4:35)

Configuring Environment Manager

Endpoint Manager setup also installs Environment Manager. Before you can use Environment Manager, you must configure it. There are three main configuration steps:

Using Environment Manager

Once you've created a configuration for your core server in Environment Manager, you can create new policies or edit existing policies. Environment Manager policies are saved to the core as public software distribution packages with the name and description you specify. Use Endpoint Manager software distribution to deploy the policies you create.