Add URLs to inventory scans

The inventory scanner can scan for URLs through the Windows agent, which is useful to track the use of Web-based applications and software as a service (SaaS). For example, if your organization uses Salesforce to track sales and customer service, you would add a monitored URL that matches the URL you use to log in to Salesforce.

This feature is only available through the Windows agent at this time.

For each URL you add, the inventory scanner will save data such as:

  • How often the URL is visited
  • The amount of time spent viewing pages at the URL
  • The last date/time the URL was visited
To add a URL for inventory scanning
  1. Click Tools > Reporting/Monitoring > Manage software list.
  2. Click Monitored URL Items.
  3. Click the Add button on the toolbar.
  4. Enter a domain name in the URL box.

You can enter a domain name with subdomains, separated by dots, but you can't include specific paths. The domain name can't include invalid characters. If you enter a path or invalid characters, an error message will appear and you'll need to correct the URL.

You can include up to 10 levels of subdomains with no more than 60 characters per level. You can use a maximum of 260 characters total in the domain name.

You can view monitored URL items in the device's Inventory under Software > Package.

NOTE: After you have changed any items in the core's Manage software list, you must click the Make available to clients button to update the product definition files used by the inventory scanner. The next time devices do an inventory scan, the scanner gets the updated product definition files from the core server and applies any changes.