Reset a local account password

You can create a scheduled task to reset the password for a specific user name. Once the task has been scheduled, you are taken to the Scheduled tasks tool where you can specify the target devices and the start time. For example, from a local account you could create a task to reset the password for the Administrator user name. You would then designate the target devices and schedule when the task will occur. Once the task is run, all administrators wanting to authenticate to the target devices would have to use the new password.

To reset the password
  1. In the console, from the Network View, click Devices > All devices.
  2. Right-click the device you want to manage and select Manage local users and groups.
  3. In the Local users and groups dialog box, click Users.
  4. Click the Schedule toolbar button.
  5. In the Schedule task dialog box, insert the user name that you want to reset the password for. You can select an existing user name from the list, or type a different one.
  6. Enter a new password, confirm the password, and then click Schedule.
  7. From the Scheduled tasks tool, right-click the scheduled task and then click Properties.
  8. From the Scheduled tasks - properties dialog, designate the target devices and enter the scheduling information.
  9. Click Save.