Deleting a task with LocalSch.exe

The local scheduler provides the ability to delete one or more tasks. The following parameters are used when deleting tasks.

/del – Delete task or tasks

Deletes the task specified by the /taskid parameter or deletes all tasks within the /range max and min values inclusive. The task IDs can be determined by either looking at the tasks using /tasks command line option or by using a constant /taskid when adding a task.

/removetasks – Remove all tasks

Removes all currently scheduled local tasks.

/taskid – Specifying the task ID

Specifies the ID of the task that is being deleted. Task IDs can be determined by looking at the tasks currently scheduled (see /tasks above). The ID is specified as an integer value.

/range=<min>|<max> – Range of task IDs

Specifies a minimum and maximum value of a range of task IDs. It can be used with the /del command to remove all tasks with task IDs within the given range.

Normally when generating a task an ID is randomly assigned, using the current time (time_t) value as the task ID. A randomly assigned ID will never be less than 100000. This command line parameter can be used to specify the ID for the task. Task ID values 0-1000 are reserved for internal Ivanti use. Task ID values 1001-2000 are reserved for use by the management console's local scheduler interface.