About the local scheduler

The local scheduler is a service that runs on devices. It's part of the common base agent and you can install it through device setup. Usually the local scheduler handles Endpoint Manager tasks, such as running the inventory scanner periodically. Other tasks that you schedule, such as software or OS provisioning, are handled by the core server rather than the local scheduler. You can use the local scheduler to schedule your own tasks to run periodically on devices. Once you create a local scheduler script, you can deploy it to devices by using the Scheduled tasks window. 

The local scheduler assigns each task an ID number. Local scheduler scripts have an ID range that is different from the default local scheduler scripts that Endpoint Manager uses. By default, you can only have one custom scheduler script active on each device. If you create a new script and deploy it to devices, it will replace the old script (any script in the custom local scheduler ID range) without affecting the default local scheduler scripts, such as the local inventory scan schedule.