Macintosh device management overview

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager provides system management for Apple Macintosh computers and devices. This helps you automate system management tasks throughout the enterprise. From the Ivanti Management Console, you can:

  • Gather and analyze detailed hardware and software inventory data from each device
  • Use the data to select targets for software distributions and to establish policies for automated configuration management
  • Manage software licenses to save costs and monitor compliance with license agreements
  • Remote control devices to resolve problems or perform routine maintenance
  • Protect your devices from a variety of prevalent security risks and exposures
  • Keep track of your inventory and produce informative reports.

This topic describes how to use Ivanti® Endpoint Manager to manage Macintosh computers. It lists specific information on Macintosh-related tasks, tools, features, and functionality. For more information about using tools and features to manage your network, refer to the help topic for each tool.

Supported OS versions

For information on supported Mac OS X versions, see this document on the Ivanti Community: