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Software license monitoring and reporting

Macintosh devices running Mac OS X support software license monitoring. With each inventory scan, the Macintosh software monitoring agent sends information to the core server about the applications that devices run. The Software license monitoring tool shows Macintosh applications along with Windows applications.

You can scan for files based on their extensions. The LdAppl3.ini file contains the list of extensions to scan for. By default, .dmg and . pkg file types are scanned for. You can insert additional extensions into the LdAppl3.ini file, which is located in the /Library/Applications/System/User folders by default. The file location can be changed as well. You can also use the LdAppl3.ini file to scan for multimedia files.

The Ivanti agent application can be used to show applications that have been launched and how often they have been used.

Generate reports for Macintosh devices

The reporting tool lets you generate a wide variety of specialized reports that provide critical information about the Macintosh devices on your network. The reporting tool operates the same way for all operating systems. For more information, see Using reports.


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