Patch user feedback

Ivanti Patch Manager 2018.3 added a new patch user feedback feature. When enabled, this feature installs a special agent on Windows endpoints that monitors file changes and deletions made by patches. It also identifies application crashes and reports this data to the core server. The patch impact analysis feature relies on this agent to gather data.

On endpoints, the user feedback tool is in the system tray with this icon and a "Report an application" label. The dialog box has a list of running applications. Users can select an application from the list, select the type of problem they were experiencing, and they can type additional information if they want. If the application users want to report isn't in the list, users can make sure it's launched and refresh the list.

These are the experience types users can choose from:

  • Application running slow
  • Application not responding
  • Application does not work as expected
  • Other

The feedback from this tool appears in the Security activity tool under the Broken applications tree item. The feedback items include the application name, version, detected associated patches (if available) and the user's selections in the Report an application dialog box.