Customize item lists with filters

The Filter list enables you create and apply custom display filters to control the items that display in the right-hand frame of the tool window. Filters can help you streamline a large amount of security content. You can filter content by operating system and severity.

You can use the Filter control in conjunction with the Type control to display exactly the security content you're interested in viewing.

To create a new display filter

1.In Patch and Compliance, click the Filter drop-down list, and then click Manage filters.

2.Click New.

3.Enter a name for the new filter.

4.If you want to filter content by operating system, select the Operating System check box, and then select the operating systems you want to display.

5.If you want to filter by the severity of the definition, select the Severity check box, and then select the severities you want to display. Click OK

To apply a filter to a content group's display

1.Click the content group in the left-hand pane of the window.

2.Click the Filter drop-down list, and then select a filter from the list.