Purge security content definitions

You can purge unused definitions from the Patch and Compliance tool window and the core database if you determine that they aren't relevant to your environment or if a successful remediation makes the information obsolete.

When you purge definitions, associated detection rule information is also removed from the Detection Rules groups in the tree view. However, the actual associated patch files aren't removed by this process. Patch files must be removed manually from the local repository, which is typically on the core server.

Only users with Ivanti administrator rights can purge content.

To purge unused definitions

1.Click Tools > Security > Patch and Compliance.

2.Click the Purge patch and compliance definitions toolbar button.

3.Select the platforms whose definitions you want to remove. You can select one or more platforms in the list.

4.Select the languages whose definition you want to remove (associated with the platform selected above). If you select a Windows or Macintosh platform, you should specify the languages whose definition you want to remove. If you select a Linux platform, you must select the Language neutral option in order to remove their language independent definitions.

5.Select the types of definitions that you want to remove.

6.Click Purge.