Uninstall patches (patch rollback)

You can uninstall (i.e., roll back) patches that have been deployed to managed devices. For example, you may want to uninstall a patch that has caused an unexpected conflict with an existing configuration. By uninstalling the patch, you can restore the device to its original state.

To uninstall or roll back a patch

1.Click Tools > Security and Compliance > Patch and Compliance.

2.View the properties for the definition associated with the patch that you want to uninstall by right-clicking the definition and clicking Properties.

3.In the General tab's Detection Rules list, right-click one or more rules and then click Uninstall. If the Uninstall option is grayed out, this option isn't available for this patch and you will need to find another way to uninstall the patch.

4.Click OK.

5.The task settings for the new uninstall task will open. Configure the uninstall task and schedule it to run.

If a patch installation failed, you must first clear the install status information before attempting to install the patch again. You can clear the install (repair) status for the selected device by clicking Clear on the Security and Patch Information dialog box. You can also clear the patch install status by vulnerability.