Forward security scan results to a rollup core

If you're working in a large, distributed enterprise network, you may want to forward the latest security scan results to a rollup core server located in a specific region. Doing so can facilitate access to real-time vulnerability information for all of your managed devices. You can enable automatic forwarding of security scan results by defining the rollup core settings in the Patch and Compliance tool.

Every time the security scanner runs, it writes a scan results file to a folder called VulscanResults on the core server and notifies the IvantiĀ® Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager web service, which adds the file to the core database. If the rollup core settings are enabled and a valid rollup core is identified, the rollup core reads the scan results file into its own database, providing faster access to critical vulnerability information.

To enable the immediate forwarding of security scan results to a rollup core

1.In the Patch and Compliance tool window, click the Configure settings toolbar button, and then click Core settings.

2.Enable the Send scan results to rollup core immediately check box.

3.If you want to use the default URL location on the rollup core where the scan results file is written, select the Use default rollup URL check box. Otherwise, provide the URL for the destination rollup core.