Create a scheduled reboot task

Patch and Compliance provides a tool that enables you to create a device reboot task. A reboot task can be useful when you want to install patches, without rebooting, as a single process and then reboot those remediated devices as another separate task. For example, you can run a scan or a patch install task during the day, and then deploy a reboot-only task at a more convenient time for end users.

To create a reboot task

1.Click Tools > Security > Patch and Compliance.

2.Click the Create a task toolbar button, and then click Reboot.

3.Specify whether the reboot is a scheduled task or a policy-based scan, or both.

4.Select a scan and repair setting from the available list (or create a custom setting just for this scan task) to specify how the scanner operates on end-user devices. (NOTE: Only the reboot settings in the scan and repair settings are used by a reboot task.)

5.Click OK. For a scheduled task, you can now add target devices and configure the scheduling options in the Scheduled tasks tool. For a policy, the new policy appears in the Application Policy Management window with the task name specified above, where you can add static targets (users or devices) or dynamic targets (query results) and configure the policy's type and frequency.