Deploy a power management policy

After you create a policy, you must schedule it to run on a managed device or a group of devices. After the task is successfully completed, the Ivanti agent on the target devices includes the power policy and uses the power schemes in the policy.

To deploy a power management policy
  1. Click Tools > Power management > Power management.
  2. Click a policies folder in the tree view and select the policy.
  3. Click the Schedule button on the toolbar and select Schedule policy.

    The Scheduled tasks tool opens with the power policy selected.
  4. Drag a device or group from the network view onto the policy.
  5. Right-click the policy and click Start now.
  6. To start the task at another time, select the policy, click the Properties button on the toolbar, and specify the time to start the policy task.

The tasks status panes show which devices have successfully completed the task. If the task can't be completed on any devices, the reason for the failure is shown.

NOTE: The Ivanti agent on targeted devices must have power management enabled for a power policy to function. If you deploy a policy and receive an error that the policy task can't be launched on a device, make sure that the device's agent has power management enabled.