Configure applications that should not be shut down

Use the Identify process-sensitive triggers toolbar button to observe the process of any program of importance and wait for it to be completed before enforcing the power policies.

In some environments programs need to run for an extended period of time. For example, the Endpoint Security for Endpoint Manager Patch process can be a short or a long process to install the patches. The time frame needed for the managed device to be powered up is unknown when dealing with patch deployment. Other programs can have similar parameters that need to be uninterrupted in an environment.

To identify applications that should not be shut down
  1. Click Tools > Power management > Power management.
  2. Click the Application management button on the toolbar and select Identify process-sensitive triggers.
  3. Add, modify, or delete process names to the list.
  4. When the list is complete, click OK.

NOTE: The list you create here will only apply to a managed device if you have enabled the process-sensitive trigger option in the power management policy for that device.