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Use historical data for power reports

You can collect power usage data for managed devices if you want to create reports that represent actual device usage over a period of time. Data is stored in the database and is then used when you run a report that includes the devices from which you collect data.

Use the Historical data toolbar button to start and stop data collection or to delete data from the database.

After you have collected client usage data, you can replace the default client usage data with actual historical data gathered from your managed devices.

To replace usage assumptions with historical data
  1. On the Power management toolbar, click the Customize button and select Replace client usage assumptions with historical data.
  2. Select the groups or queries from which you want to use historical data.
  3. Select a time period, either the latest week of data or a period of time.
  4. Click Generate default usage table.

The new data is used to generate reports. It replaces the average usage data that is used by default to estimate usage savings.

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