Schedule a remote wakeup

Power management schedules a "turn on" command through a device's BIOS. If the BIOS can't schedule wake up events, or can't schedule them through Windows, then the "turn on" event will not be scheduled. When this happens, there are several possible ways to resolve the problem:

  • Enable plug and play events in the BIOS
  • Enable events in the BIOS
  • Update the manufacturer BIOS

Some BIOSes don't support this feature at all. In that situation, a scheduled task for Wake on LAN can be used to power on devices at a specific time.

If a managed device is configured to use Wake on LAN (WOL) or Intel vPro wake up, you can schedule a remote wakeup to power on the device at a specific time. This feature wakes devices that are in standby or hibernate mode as well as devices that are powered off.

If both WOL and Intel vPro wake up are enabled, the Intel vPro feature is run first and WOL is run second.

To schedule a remote wakeup
  1. Click Tools > Power management > Power management.
  2. Click the Schedule button on the toolbar and select Schedule remote wakeup.

    The Scheduled tasks tool opens with the task selected.
  3. Drag a device or group from the network view onto the task.
  4. Right-click the task and click Start now.
  5. To start the task at another time, select the task, click the Properties button on the toolbar, and specify the time to start the task.

The tasks status panes show which devices have successfully completed the task. If the task can't be completed on any devices, the reason for the failure is shown.