View the power management alert log

As power management policies run on managed devices, there can be situations in which devices don't respond to power actions as expected. For example, a process running on a devices may continue to run even when a command to change power states is sent to the device.

The alert log lists the details of such conflicts. You can use the information in this log to manage applications on devices, specifying which applications should be allowed to continue running or should be shut down when a power action is scheduled to run.

To view the power management alert log
  1. Click Tools > Power management > Power management.
  2. Click the Alert log node in the tree view.
  3. To find alerts for a specific device, or for a date range, type a search string in the Find box and select a column, or select a date range, and click the Search button.

When you have identified processes that create conflicts, use the Application management options on the toolbar to change how the power policy runs when certain applications are running on a device. For more information, see Managing applications that conflict with power policies.