Re-branding the provisioning client interface

The provisioning client interface on devices being provisioned defaults to Ivanti branding. You can change that branding if you want. Re-brandable elements are:

  • Title: Appears on the main provisioning user-interface window.
  • Banner image: Appears at the top of all provisioning windows on provisioned devices.
  • Interface colors: Changes the window background (background color) or the interface text color (foreground color).

This re-branding only affects provisioning dialog boxes. Other Endpoint Manager windows and dialog boxes won't be affected.

You can re-brand the provisioning interface globally or you can re-brand it on the individual template level. Re-branding done at the template level overrides the global re-branding.

To re-brand the provisioning UI globally
  1. Click Tools > Provisioning > OS Provisioning.
  2. On the toolbar, click Tools > Branding.
  3. Change the branding elements you want and click OK.
To re-brand a template
  1. Double-click the template you want to re-brand.
  2. On the left, click Options.
  3. Change the branding elements you want and click OK or Apply.