About the Machine Mapping tool

Use the Machine Mapping tool (Tools > Provisioning > Machine Mapping) to map one device to another. This is used for OS provisioning when migrating users from one device to another.

This tool has the following options:

  • Days Valid: Sets the number of days the machine mapping will be assigned.

    The use case for this setting is to create a safety feature. If a machine mapping is used, the Last Used field populates with the date and time the OS Provisioning template used the machine mapping. With the field populated, the Days Valid field is put into effect. If an OS Provisioning task tries to use the mapping beyond the setting in the Days Valid field, the mapping is ignored. You likely do not want the mapping to be valid months from now when the task might run unexpectedly on a device, overwriting its hard drive.

  • Remove: Deletes the assignment of the Source and Destination devices.
  • Reset Used: Removes the contents of the Last Used field.
  • Refresh: Refreshes the Machine Mapping tool view to show mappings that have been used by OS Provisioning templates being run.
  • Search: Allows you to search for a device to place it in the Source and Destination columns.
  • Source: The machine that is being replaced with another device. (This would be the old device.)
  • Destination: The machine that is replacing another device. (This would be the new device.)
  • Last Used: The date and time the machine mapping assignment was last used. (Populating this field activates the Days Valid setting, so the machine mapping assignment will be ignored if the number of days set in the Days Valid field have passed.)